A Pragma-Dialectical Approach to Political Discourse Analysis: A Case Study of the Former United State Trade Representative Ron Kirk’s Remarks on the Poultry Case

Shi Wen


Under the research framework of Pragma-

Dialectics, this paper analyses and evaluates the

former United State trade representative Ron

Kirk’s remarks on the trade conflict of poultry.

Through this case study, I intend to develop a

pragma-dialectical approach to the political

discourse. Based on the argumentative

reconstruction, strategic maneuvering analysis

and critical evaluation of the remarks, this

paper finds that even if Ron Kirk’s remarks look

reasonable apparently, there are still some

fallacies hidden in them. In order to make the

US government benefit most from the trade

conflict, after considering comprehensively of

the potential topics, audience demands, and

presentational devices, Ron Kirk maneuvers

strategically by choosing beneficial starting

points and arranging argumentative schemes

technically. By doing so, he can transmit Anti-

China ideology to the international society

imperceptibly. In addition, by taking into

consideration the background information of

the poultry case and the Ten Commandments of

a critical discussion, this paper reveals that, the

accepted starting points and the argument

schemes are abused in Ron Kirk’s remarks.

Through the case study, this paper tries to study

political discourse from Pragma-Dialectical

approach and provide feasible analytical

methods and reasonable evaluative standards

for the political discourse analysis, so that a

new perspective will be offered for researches

on political discourse.


political discourse analysis; Pragma-Dialectics; United State Trade Representative; strategic maneuvering.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18002/sin.v3i2.5260


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