Cultural Discourse Study of Media Environmental Communication: A Case Analysis of the Coverage of Chinese Documentary of Haze in American Main Stream Medias

Li Qiuyang


Frame upon the Cultural Discourse Studies,

the present paper focuses on the news

discourse about Chai Jing’s documentary

“Under the Dome” in American mainstream

media, investigating the discourse topic,

manner and rhetoric as well as the historical,

environmental development and cultural

reasons between these two countries. It is

found that (1) the Chinese environmental

discourse in American mainstream medias

concerns the topics likes the popularization of

environmental conception, the environmental

ineffectiveness of government administration,

and the Chinese public’s right to environmental

problems; (2) the discourse manners like choice

of lexicon, speech quotation, and rhetorical

feature applied in American mainstream media

has presented the communicative values and

conceptions of western country; (3) the Chinese

environmental discourse in American media is

related with the historical and cultural

difference between the two countries.


environmental discourse; “Under the Dome”; discourse topic, discourse manner, discourse strategy; historical-cultural relation.



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