Proposal of the task-based approach in standard Chinese textbooks. Suggestions from localized didactic materials

Yang Qiuhan, Mario García Mejías, Li Qianchao


Recently the majority of theories for second language acquisition emphasize the function
of language. In the case of the Chinese language, due to its peculiarities, most of the standard textbook
continue to be based on the synthetic syllabus, which reflects the importance of language structure.
How to achieve the balance between language structure and function is a question that must be
considered and resolved within the teaching of Chinese and the compilation of textbooks. To achieve
this integration of form and meaning in standard Chinese manuals, as well as the promotion of the
student's communicative competence, the investigation intends use the task-based approach, which
focuses on the meaning and use of language, as a complementary method to structuralist didactic
strategies. To exemplify the application of this method, the localized textbook Camino al Chino has
been taken as a model, which will address the way in which the task-based approach can be introduced
in the presentation, practice and production phases in a standard manual.


Language structure and form; pedagogical methodologies; teaching Chinese as a foreign language; Chinese textbooks compiling; localization; Camino al chino.

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