Influence of the Belt and Road Initiative on the energy trade between China and Latin America

Zheng Haoyu, Aymara Gerdel


Energy is the basis and driving force for the progress of humanity, it is vital for economic
development, for people's lives, and for the national security of countries. This research will analyze
a set of variables that affect the behavior of Latin American energy exports to the People's Republic
of China during the period 2000 -2019 using a log-linear model. The results show that assuming a real
growth of China's gross domestic product (GDP) close to 7% per year, Latin American energy exports
to China would grow by 4% per year on average. Assuming an average annual increase of 5% in China's
energy production, Latin American energy exports to China are estimated to increase by 5.9%. With
respect to energy consumption in China, assuming a 7% increase, it is estimated that energy exports
from Latin America to China would grow by 8.2%. This model also estimates the elasticity of energy
exports according to the behavior of energy prices, China's investment in Latin America and the projects
developed by the Asian country in the region.


Belt and Road, China, Latin America, exports, energy.

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