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Sinología hispánica. China Studies Review is published twice a year in June and December. Published by Confucius Institute, University of León, Spain, and sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), China, Sinologia Hispanica, is a premier interdisciplinary journal on Chinese language and culture studies which aims at enhancing international cultural communication, disseminating Chinese language, and culture studies, prosperity in Chinese social life as well as in scholarship. Its interdisciplinary approach covers a range of subjects including sinology, linguistics, culture communication, sociology, international affairs, economics and politics. It keeps readers updated with the events in China and provides readers with historical perspectives, in-depth analyses, and a deeper understanding of Chinese language and Chinese culture. In addition to major articles and research reports, each issue contains academic trend and book review section.

The journal welcomes academic manuscripts especially, though not exclusively, on the following areas:

  • Studies of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages and international promotion of Chinese language; Teaching Chinese as a foreign language; The evolution of Chinese language teaching polices, objectives and methods in different countries; Comparison of education policy in China and Europe, including primary, secondary, and higher education.
  • Contrastive study of Chinese and other languages; Comparative literature in the light of China’s diversity; Foreign languages translation of Chinese classical works.
  • Discourse study of important Chinese social problems and phenomena; Discourse study of China towards world problems; China image in the perspective of globalization; Integration of immigrants and overseas students’ language and culture into Spanish society; China’ social change and multiculturalism in Globalization context.
  • The interaction of China’s science and technology, concepts and thoughts with the west in the history; History of early exchanges between China and Europe; New studies in the field of history, economic and ethno-cultural developmental processes of China.
  • Cross-nation study of Confucius Institutes’ sustainable development strategy; Strength analysis, database buildup and operation model study of outstanding Confucius Institutes; Comparative study of Confucius Institute and other languages and culture promoting institutions.
  • Academic trends, interview of sinologist and book review related to the above topics.

Sinologia Hispanica is in the following index, catalogue and database: Latindex (Directorio/Catálogo), Dialnet, MIAR, REDIB

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Vol. 7, Núm. 2 (2018): Sinologia Hispanica

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Sinología hispánica. China Studies Review

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