A Study of Discourse System of National Image Construction

Liang Xiaobo, Tan Juling


The construction of discourse is

indispensable to the construction of national

image to a large extent, particularly a set of

discourse built from various perspectives. It

must pertain to the real fact of the country and

to the needs of her future development. More

importantly, it must be effective. Considering

the characteristics of the national image and its

construction discourse, the discourse system of

our country’s national image needs, first of all,

to have a good treatment of the core

characteristics of our country’s national image;

meanwhile, it also needs to have a good

handling of the basic characteristics of our

country’s national image. Specifically speaking,

it is necessary to take in account of factors like

ethnicity, culture, politics, space-time and

cognition of national image discourse for one

thing; it is also necessary to take into account

such factors as stability, multi-dimension,

inheritance and creation, and the crisis

coordination of national image discourse for



national image, construction, discourse, discourse system, core characteristics.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18002/sin.v4i1.5267


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