Camino al chino, Contribution to the localization of Chinese textbooks for the beginners




Chinese learning for beginners, Textbook compiling, Camino al chino (Road to Chinese), Teaching introductory Chinese


This presented work is the case study, which demonstrates the process of compilation,
analysis and description of Chinese textbooks, titled Camino al Chino (Road to Chinese), carried out
by the Confucius Institute of the University of León, and published by the McGraw-Hill Education.
The creation of these textbooks was motivated after receiving various indications that the existing
textbooks had difficulties in adapting to the singularities of teaching in Spain. Therefore, this study
will try to present the principles and criteria that the authors have taken into account at the time of
preparing and adapting these textbooks. Meanwhile, three fundamental objectives that they intended
to achieve in Spain are also mentioned: satisfying and motivating the promotion of the Chinese official
examination, the orientation to establish their own curriculum, and diffusion of Chinese education as
a second language. Finally, the authors hope that this small work will serve as an interest for future
Chinese textbooks writing in Spain or other European countries and will contribute to the possible
advancement of the localization of the language books for the beginners.


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Author Biographies

Li Qianchao

Facultad de Filología y Comunicación
Universidad de Barcelona
Barcelona (España) 08007

Mario García Mejías

Universidad de León
León (España) 24007

Yang Qiuhan

Instituto Confucio
Universidad de Léon
León (España) 24003




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Qianchao, L., García Mejías, M., & Qiuhan, Y. (2021). Camino al chino, Contribution to the localization of Chinese textbooks for the beginners. Sinología hispánica. China Studies Review, 11(2), 129–156.